Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Baking

I managed to test another recipe for my cousin. Austrian Apple Twists. And I tried the best I could to find canned pumpkin to test her other recipe, and am saddened and dismayed to find out that there's a national canned pumpkin shortage.

The Apple Twists were really easy to make and really delicious. I thought they'd be more difficult than it turned out to be. My cousin tasted them and gave them her official approval, which is nice to have.

And today I used some raspberries and the tart pan I bought yesterday to make a Raspberry Tart. The dough was one that you pre-bake and I think I did it for too long because by the time it was done with the filling in it it was rock hard and burnt, but just the side crust. The bottom was fine. It was a delicious tart, with the exception of the crust. It was really buttery, and it's good that I cooked it on a sheet pan because a lot of butter leaked out of the crust while it all baked. It was super easy to make too.


  1. When I finished the all-too-small slice of your raspberry tart, I thought of giving you a call to see if I could get more. Mom said "no". Oh, and the overdone crust really wasn't bad at all.

  2. I'll give you a copy of the recipe, it's super easy. I'm glad you liked it!