Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Horror...the horror...

Yesterday my sister and I got a crash course in dealing with fruit flies. Now, normally if we have one or two flying around the place, I don't really mind. They just disappear a day later and you move on with life. Yesterday, was different. Yesterday was an infestation. Yesterday ended up with my sister and I fleeing from the apartment, buying all new garbage cans and a new cutting board. Because really, no amount of soap and bleach wipes will wash away the memory of what I saw on my cutting board. That horror will stay with me forever. You know in the movie The Birds, that scene where they come out of the house and the birds are all over the yard and the roof and the phone lines and they have to tiptoe to the car to escape? That's what our kitchen looked like yesterday. But I learned something. I learned that Lysol, if used heavily enough, will kill fruit flies. Especially if they are trapped inside a plastic bag first before said Lysol is administered. I learned that you can trap fruit flies using a bowl, fruit, and plastic wrap with small holes in it.

We never learned where the source of the fruit flies was, but it has been a "scared straight" experience for us. Never again will food be left out. Never again will unrinsed dishes be left out. Never again will I not have a can of Lysol on hand for emergencies such as that one. I also learned something about myself. In the midst of horror, I can remain calm. It's sort of comforting to know this about myself.

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