Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next Recipe Test for Bridal Shower

Pumpkin streusel coffeecake. Fail. Sigh. I was going to test a different recipe and changed my mind at the last minute because I don't have the proper pan to bake it in and thought that might actually matter. So I whipped out this recipe from my files and made it instead. The streusel and pecans sunk into the batter and the bottom of the cake was dry and crispy, not what I want in a coffeecake. And the flavor was just blah. Oh yeah, I did get canned pumpkin. My parents bought a 7lb can of it from Cash and Carry. We freeze the leftovers and are set for the rest of the year pretty much! Yay for canned pumpkin! Boo for failed recipe. I'll try to find more to test, but I'm leaning towards muffins now. We'll see what my cousin says...

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