Saturday, March 6, 2010

February Baked Goods

So I am finally getting caught up with the baking/cooking I've done in February and so far into March. First up, English Muffin French Toast. Not a recipe I was following, but one I just made up. I thought it might be interesting, two nationalities in one dish, even if it's just in the name, but it turned out ok only. The English Muffins don't absorb liquid on both sides really, and the texture is just off. With French Toast, you want the bread to almost turn into a liquid and then re-solidify when you cook it slowly, like a bread pudding, but with English muffins, the texture is just too dense to really do that. It's too chewy. That would probably be why you don't see this done in restaurants. But it was a fun experiment.
Smore's Brownies. Looked awesome. Concept great. Outcome? Not so much. The marshmallows didn't bake into the brownies at all so whenever you tried to take a bite, the brownie crumbled and the marshmallow ended up as one big gloppy mess. I might be willing to try it again sometime and actually mix the marshmallows into the batter instead of just setting them on top. The chocolate chips and walnuts could all be mixed into the batter for that matter.
I like Rice Krispy Treats. I like chocolate. I thought, why not combine the two? So I melted a bunch of chocolate in with the butter and marshmallows. It took forever for it to melt together, which I'm sure has something scientific behind it dealing with fat content and gelatin and whatnot, and then I added the rice krispies. They mixed pretty easily, but when I poured them into the pan and tasted them later on, they were really hard. And kept getting harder and harder. I reheated some in the microwave the next day and it softened a bit, but super hot rice krispy treats aren't that tasty. Again, it was a good experiment, and I see now why if I want chocolate rice krispy treats, to just use chocolate rice krispies instead.

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