Friday, January 8, 2010

Catching Up-5

Last weekend was baking weekend. I already talked about the turkey, but I did even more than that. This year I am trying to do as much as I possibly can with making things from scratch.

I made homemade brownies for the first time in my life and they were delicious! They turned out just like a boxed mix and took about as much time, and really the only difference I could tell was that it didn't make me want to keep eating them like a boxed kind does with all those chemicals. I found one piece of the homemade brownie was chocolatey and rich enough to actually satisfy my chocolate and sweet craving. That alone makes it worth making from scratch.

I bought some puff pastry from the store. The package comes with two sheets of puff pastry divided into thirds. So I thawed one sheet out and divided it up and tested out three recipes. I made "Aussie sausage rolls" which I made homemade sausage for. They should be called "Awesome sausage rolls" because that's what they were. And homemade sausage is easy and tasty to make! I made too much and froze the rest for another time. I also made these apple pastries and elephant ears. The apple pastries were good, the elephant ears were not.

Also not good were the homemade potstickers I attempted to make. It turns out that you need to really wrap potsticker wrappers well before freezing them because mine were all dried out when I thawed them out. And the bottle of Sherry I have is a million years old and I could finally taste that fact. They were thrown out along with the Sherry.

Oh, but one good thing I did: I bought new vanilla. I tossed the old bottle well beyond it's pull date, and got a small bottle of pure organic vanilla extract. No more of this imitation garbage for me!

And last but not least, fruitcake bread. It was completely vegan and I thought it tasted pretty good. I took it to work but not many people tried it. I guess fighting the fruitcake fight will take a little bit longer. Maybe for next year...!

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