Friday, January 8, 2010

Catching Up-4

New Year's!

Because over the last several years we have not done turkey for Christmas, my sister and I have done a turkey dinner for New Year's. We never had a traditional meal in our family for this holiday anyway, so it's been a great way to make it more festive and get in that second turkey meal. My sister and family were gone this year so it was just me. I bought one of those turkey breasts you can roast. It would have been totally fine if it hadn't had those salt injections in it. It alters the texture of the meat where the injection sites are and really makes it less appealing, at least those parts. The rest of it was fine. In the future I will look for non-injected turkey, though that seems to be the wave of the future unless you want to spend a million dollars for an organic turkey...

Anyway, I made a turkey that had a soy sauce, lemon juice, and herb glaze on it. It kept drying out on the bottom but I'd add more water which fixed it just fine. I used that liquid and some chicken stock to make a gravy which was so delicious. I used the last of my cranberries to make a dressing with cranberries in it, and instead of traditional mashed potatoes I did Yukon golds mashed with garlic and olive oil. They were ok, but I decided I don't really like garlicky flavored stuff with a turkey dinner. I'll stick with traditional mashed potatoes.

The turkey made a lot of leftover meat which I froze most of until I can think of what to do with it. I did make one recipe over the last weekend though: turkey tetrazzini. I'd never had it before and I thought it was a bit of work for something that ended up tasting basically like tuna noodle casserole. But I used whole grain pasta to up the health factor, and it freezes and thaws well and will work well as work lunches for some time to come. It's always good when one turkey meal can become so many different turkey meals. It's the best way to stretch out one's budget.

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