Friday, January 8, 2010

Catching Up-3

All right, on to Christmas. For some reasons I didn't take pictures of the cookies as I made them, but make them I did. Four types. A lot of leftover cookies this year...We made traditional shortbread, orange cardamom cookies, fruit cake cookie bars, and Whole wheat ginger cookies. The traditional shortbread is a recipe from my grandmother, who still makes it better than I do, but are still delish nonetheless. The orange cardamom cookies were from a Bon Appetit recipe and I don't think they turned out very good as half of them burned and the other half had an odd texture. The fruit cake cookie bars were an adventure that my sister ended up dealing with. We didn't learn till way too late in the process that the bar recipe, which was one of those "make this basic recipe into 5 different cookies" types of recipes, was one you had to alter a bunch of stuff to. So we just went with what we had and made it work. My sister loved the dough so I gave her the recipe to keep. The whole wheat ginger cookies had non pareils on the outside to make them look cool. The recipe was from a Good Housekeeping magazine.

We gave them to our family for Christmas and then the leftovers got taken over to the Shoreline branch of Watermark and to my work on Monday after Christmas. They were quickly devoured.

Other Christmas stuff I did: made biscuits for the Christmas dinner. For some reason they were flavorless even though the texture was awesome. Maybe it just needed more salt. I also made an almond pound cake with cranberry sauce on the side. That was really tasty and pretty simple too. Christmas this year was really relaxed and so was the food. It was a great day.

The pictures at the top of this post are the roasted pumpkin and pumpkin rolls from the last post that I almost ended up doing for Christmas.

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