Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cooking Light Night

Monday's recipe was Sweet Potato Chile Mac and I thought it was pretty good. I bought sweet potatoes on accident for the meatball soup I made previously and found this recipe to use them up. It also called for some of the chipotle chiles in adobo that I had frozen after using them in the soup. I also had the Monterey Jack cheese from the soup recipe as well. 

I roasted the potatoes on Sunday, and peeled and mashed them, but didn't make the recipe till Monday. The potatoes reheated really well in the microwave and helped save me time while making the meal. I was surprised at how easily it mixed with the other ingredients to form the base of the cheese sauce instead of a traditional bechamel sauce. I liked that the other ingredients helped temper the sweetness of the potatoes, something I am still trying to adjust my palate to.

It wasn't terribly cheesy, so if more cheese doesn't scare you, I would recommend adding more. Also some salt. I needed to add salt. I had never eaten actual chorizo before, only soyrizo, and it turned out it wasn't that different. I wasn't a huge fan of it. The texture was strange and I ended up picking most of it off. I think maybe next time I'd just leave it off and use this as a side dish or perhaps try Italian sausage even though it would alter the flavor.

I cut it into the six servings it called for, and froze the leftovers for another time. I'm really glad to have found another use for sweet potatoes!

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