Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooking Light Night

Last night I made this: Baked Pasta with Spinach, Lemon, and Cheese

I am really starting to love making my own homemade macaroni and cheese. I can control what goes in it, and it's really not much harder to make than the stuff in the box. This wasn't much different in terms of the time it took to make than any of the other recipes I've made.

It definitely needed more salt than it called for, and I didn't really pick up on the lemon flavor, so I would add more zest next time. The wine was a great addition and I'll have to remember that in the future. I also liked the addition of the spinach. It was not too overwhelming, flavor-wise, and a great way to add more veggies and vitamins to my diet.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody interested in experimenting with homemade mac and cheese. It's worth it for sure.


  1. Or invite a cousin over to eat your yummy Mac N Cheese?! :)

  2. I think we need to have a fancy Mac N Cheese game night! This really looks tasty.

  3. It's easy enough to make that everybody could help contribute ingredients at a gathering. It's definitely a good option!

    1. Ooooh good idea! Next one after the spaghetti one!