Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cooking Light Night

Tonight's recipe was: Almost Classic Pork Fried Rice

This was probably the best recipe I've tried so far. I have always been reluctant to make homemade Chinese food because it's so labor intensive, but this was worth it. There was a lot of prep work involved but I did it all this afternoon so that tonight when I cooked it took a minimal amount of time. I also made some modifications in the ingredients, based on my tastes and what I had on hand. I didn't have a pork chop like it calls for, but I was thawing a pork roast for later in the week so I used some of that. I was worried at first that it wouldn't cook properly, but it turned out nice and tender, so that was good. I don't like celery so I replaced the celery with snow pea pods, one of my faves, and it was fantastic. I also didn't have the recommended amount of green onions, but I just used what I had on hand and thought it was fine. I did splurge and buy Mirin at the store, fortunately it was only $5 for the bottle, and I got carded at the store, which is always fun, so it was worth it.

I have usually made half-batches of these recipes and this time I made the whole recipe, so I will have leftovers tomorrow and maybe for lunch too. This was really delicious and I am glad I spent all the time to make it. It's pretty much the first time I've actually liked brown rice in something, so that's progress I'd say!

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