Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Recipe of the Month

This was supposed to be a beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce, but I used pork instead. It was really good. I grilled it on the outside like I was supposed to, but finished it in the oven. I changed a lot of the sauce, like I cooked it. The sauce is traditionally uncooked and served cold, but I don't like garlic, onion, or parsley raw, so I heated it up and I think it tasted awesome. The vinegar in the sauce gave the pork a really good flavor.
The sauce wasn't as vibrantly green, as you can see, but I think it was delicious, and that's all that really matters. I served it with mashed potatoes the first night and with a barley salad the next night. Unfortunately I put parsley in the salad, which ruined the flavor for me...I won't do that again! There was a bit of prep involved in getting the sauce ready, but the recipe itself was not that hard to do at all. I'd definitely make it again.

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