Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The $5 Chicken Post

The local grocery store was having a special on their rotisserie chickens--$5 each! So I bought one with the thought of eating it all week and seeing how many meals and servings I could make from it. The first meal was just the chicken as it was, with sides that I actually can't remember right now. Clearly it wasn't very amazing. So that was one serving. The next night I made a pasta dish with Canadian bacon, chicken, shallots, tomatoes, and sour cream for a sauce. I used fresh linguine and it was quite tasty. So, that's two servings. Next up was a quesadilla. I sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, shallots, and chicken and added it with cheese, between two whole-grain tortillas. It was so filling it made two meals, so now we're up to four. Then I made a Shepherd's Pie with stuffing instead of mashed potatoes. That was supposed to make four servings, and I had enough chicken for nachos or something, for two more servings, which would have made ten servings from one chicken! But, I only made it through two servings of the pie before my body rejected the idea of eating any more chicken and I tossed the rest. It was a waste, yet, but I wouldn't have eaten it later if I'd frozen it. I just needed that chicken gone. So, one $5 chicken made at least three recipes, and would have made ten servings, had I eaten it all. Quite a good value, I'd say. I recommend eating this way, when possible, it helps save money. I would do it if I had more people eating it, though, cuz you will get sick of it by the end.

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  1. I try the same thing with veggies! MUCH easier to cook for more than 1-2 people! If only I ate chicken :)