Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cold, Catching up, Part One

So I've been dealing with a cold over the last couple weeks and haven't had much time and energy for cooking. I did manage a few things, however. First up was a quick chicken marsala. It was ok, I didn't have quite enough marsala, and it didn't have enough liquid to suit my taste, but it was easy to make. I have started using Foster Farms chicken which doesn't inject their poultry products with salt water which means that when you cook it, you dont end up with a watery mess that won't brown up. If you ever end up trying to saute chicken and end up mostly boiling it because it's so watery, you've been had...They charge more for the weight of the salt water they inject too. I'd rather pay more but get a better product.

Next up was homemade pork stew and whole wheat drop biscuits. I miss my mom's beef stew, and since I gave up red meat, I found that pork, while a very different meat, still makes a wonderful stew. It cooks much more quickly than beef as well. I use chicken broth as the liquid base and thicken it with cornstarch. Veggies I enjoy in it: mushrooms, fresh green beans, carrots, onions, Yukon Gold potatoes--with the skins still on.

The biscuits were easy to make and I think they turned out pretty well. If I make them again, I would take the extra time to roll them out properly, though, because of the whole wheat making it pretty crispy on the outside when you do a drop biscuit. There's a lot more rough surfaces when you make it that way.

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